What is NatGym?:

At Motion To Mind™ we believe in making best use of urban and rural terrain.  The Natural Gym (NatGym®) is a challenging and exciting outdoor fitness session run by Motion To Mind™, that takes place in a rural setting.  NatGym® compliments our innovative urban workout – Streetgym®.  For too long many of us have been conditioned by the media and other sources, to believe that we need to join a gym or use equipment to get fit.  Many people also do the same mundane gym routine or jogging route everyday resulting in a fitness plateau.  Our NatGym® sessions are fun and varied so your mental and physical health will constantly improve.  

After an hour in the NatGym® you will realise that much of what you need to get fit is on your doorstep and doesn’t cost anything to use.  You will also learn how to use your local, natural environment in a fun and effective manner.

NatGym® is a unique fusion of military physical training, ecotherapy and stress management techniques configured for the natural environment and movements derived from the animal kingdom.  You’ll be crawling, running, jumping, balancing your way around the natural gym.  In short, using natural terrain/obstacles, we ensure that you receive a whole body workout that is:

  • Safe and effective
  • Fun
  • Time efficient
  • Challenging
  • Features an element of controlled risk
  • Utilises the principles of overload
  • Designed with the Specific Adaption to Imposed Demand (SAID) principles in mind
  • Can be tailored to be goal specific (particularly obstacle race training) for individuals or groups
  • Is eco friendly


Who Should Join the NatGym?:

Does any of this apply to you?

  • You have an adventurous spirit
  • You are open to new ideas
  • You are up for a challenge
  • You are tired of the sanitised nature of a conventional gym, or your regular jogging session
  • You feel that you have hit a training plateau
  • You/your friends are interested in taking part in/have already signed up for an obstacle race
  • You want to improve your physical and mental health
  • You want to acquire new training skills that can be used anywhere in the world, for life
  • You want to acquire the confidence and skills to operate in all weather conditions
  • You want to feel more at one with your environment
  • You are looking for an unusual team building/corporate event


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